OK!PAKISTAN SORAYA SIKANDER – The extremely talented Pakistani artist, is making waves around the world for her landscapes and organic forms. She has been ranked as one of Pakistan’s best known painters making it big internationally, listed as ‘Artist to watch’  FASCINATED by landscapes, Soraya Sikander’s paintings encompass her unique style and vibrant colours to capture…

Yellow chrys

Title: Yellow Chrys, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size: 24 by 24 inches, Year: 2010 (Sold)   99


Title: Splash, Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas, Size: 36 by 48 inches, Year: 2014 (Sold)

PROJECT: Urban Dialogues 2013 with Janice Wilkins and Caroline Jaine (Cambridge)

PROPOSAL URBAN DIALOGUES COLLABORATIONS 2013 reduced mood board for 3FF urban dialogue proposal  Caroline Jaine, Soraya Sikander, Janice Wilkins The above artists propose working in collaboration in response to the  Urban Dialogues 2013 theme of “Reflections” “Becoming Something Else” We are three diverse women living in the UK and Pakistan aged 29, 43 and 51…

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