Pioneer of Calligraphy Landscape Painting Soraya Sikander paints with Chinese Master Bill Zhao Xu (Beijing, 2019)

Soraya Sikander paints with Chinese Master Bill Zhao Xu. A special thanks to: XING FENGLIANG, KATHY, DAISY, BILL ZHAO & STUDIO ASSISTANTS, CHINA FOUNDATION FOR PEACE & DEVELOPMENT. Pakistani Artist 巴基斯坦艺术家 SORAYA SIKANDER 索拉雅•西坎德 is exhibiting her painting A WINTER NIGHT 冬天的夜晚 2018 / oil on canvas 布面油画 / 121.92 cm 厘米 x 91.44 cm 厘米 at the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale in China 北京美术双年展 2019. 索拉雅·西坎德 是当今南亚著名的艺术家之一,以她的风景和有机形式著称。这位艺术家在画布上画油画和丙烯画。她以其开创性的书法风景而著称,结合了山水画和书法绘画。Soraya Sikander is one of the famous artists in South Asia today, known for her landscape and organic form. The artist paints oil and acrylic on the canvas. She is known for her groundbreaking calligraphy landscape, combining landscape painting with calligraphy painting. FULL VIDEO LINK

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