Breaking Barriers: Women Achievers Talk Equality feat.artist Soraya Sikander

SPECIAL: EASTERN EYE interviews Women Achievers on Women’s Day to promote gender equality

WHAT WOMEN WANT  International Women’s Day Seeks to promote gender equality

by Asjad Nazir

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is pledge for parity. Although the annual event will be a celebration of women’s achievements across the world, there will also be a global call for gender equality in every sphere of life, from everyday activities to the work place.  This includes helping women and girls achieve their ambitions, and realise their limitless potential.

With that in mind, Eastern Eye asked 21 talented women from around the world who have been breaking barriers to give their unique insight into the topic of gender inequality.  eguide women1



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SORAYA SIKANDER (Artist) “Success is a gradual process. If you have talent, your gender is secondary. I have not personally felt limited or faced direct opposition or obstacles in pursuing my vision. The biggest challenge in a woman’s success is her own mind – a certain self-imposed limitation and a fear of being too ambitious or thinking big. So women should not limit themselves. They should pursue their visions, develop ideas, execute them, start businesses, pursue their dreams, push themselves beyond the limit, break comfort zones, choose unique career paths and create opportunities for themselves. Work to the point where you are known by what you do. Follow your inner voice and let that be your guide, as it will lead you to where you should be.” 

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FEATURED InterviewsTasha Tah (singer/songwriter), Niti Taylor (actress), Annie Khalid (singer), Dal Dhaliwal (fitness expert, TV/radio host), Urvah Khan (singer/songwriter), Rohini Iyer (CEO Raindrop media), Laxmi Hariharan (author and media marketer), Japjit Kaur (singer/actress), Soraya Sikander (artist), Raj Girn (CEO Anokhi Media), Sanyya Gardez (TV host), Piali Ray OBE (director of Sampad Arts), Jacqueline Fernandez (actress), Serena Chaudhry (TV news producer, Reuters), Saima Ajram (radio host), Fozia Uddin (university commercial contracts manager), Gauhar Khan (actress/TV personality), Priyanka Chopra (actress), Huma Qureshi (actress), Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Preetika Rao (actress/singer)

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