My work addresses issues of form and the relationship between line, shape and colour.
I am interested in negative space and exploring various media, developing paintings into three-dimensional objects.

My practice encompasses oil and acrylic on canvas or paper and undergoes several processes of transformation, developing first as pictorial then animation, changing into plaster or paper sculptures, and set up as a site specific installation.
Essentially, my work blurs the distinction between picture and object.

Through my practice I explore fundamental questions: What is an object? What is a painting? How do we experience space? I consider my work to be an on-going visual monologue, with a starting point, in a constant state of progression and leading to several distinct forms.
Recurring themes in my work suggest: Memory, organic forms and place.
The distinction between drawing, painting-into-sculpture and sculptural installations are questioned as objects transfigure one into another, installed in everyday settings to create an interaction with transformed objects – Soraya Sikander