Soraya Sikander listed as ‘Top Pakistani Contemporary Artists Making It Big Internationally’

Top Pakistani Contemporary Artists Making It Big Internationally

By Enakshi Sharma

Pakistan generally makes it to the headlines mostly due to wrong reasons nowadays. But behind all the geo-political turmoil, it has a rich tradition of culture, arts and music that generally goes unnoticed. Its actors and musicians have been working in the entertainment industry of neighbouring India for a long time. But what is lesser known is the new breed of contemporary artists who are making waves in the international circuit.  More encouragingly, women have been at the forefront of this movement, which is no mean achieving in a highly conservative and patriarchal society. So, here is an attempt to introduce a few shining starts of the Pakistani art scene who are already well known in the western art scene and may achieve further glory in the future. They are not the only ones, but they should help you get acquainted with the scene.


Soraya Sikander: This versatile painter works on diverse mediums including ink painting, silkscreen paintings, woodblocks and oil canvases. She gained fame through her take on capitalism at the height of recession of 2008-2009. She uses her multi-cultural background as a motivation to promote tolerance and nonviolence through her art that uses natural colours and inspirations.