APPEARENCE: Soraya Sikander is WWF’s Chief Guest

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Three hundred students making artwork on theme: “Humans. Nature. You make the connection” at the Frere Hall, Karachi. Chief guest: Soraya Sikander – Marking her commitment to the environment.

A word on WWF and the NAC: WWF is the largest independent organization working on nature conservation. WWF started work in Pakistan over 40 years ago. WWF-Pakistan has been working committed to providing quality environmental education and interpretation for scientific facts to acknowledge the benefits and values of conserving the natural assets of the country.

WWF-Pakistan is organizing a mega art competition for its registered Green Students across Karachi. The National Art Competition (NAC) aims to excite students’ imagination and creativity through art work geared towards environment oriented themes. This gives students an opportunity to get to know their environment better as well as identifying their role within their communities for a sustainable tomorrow. WWF-Pakistan believes that through this fun activity indelible message about environmental conservation can be interpreted in the minds of youth. WWF has released videos – “We are all connected” (YouTube) which depict how everything is linked so humans are linked in every way so we are trying to get these students to realize how they are connected to nature, depend on it and have responsibility to take care of it as we have a major impact we have on the scarce natural resources that our one and only Earth has provided us with.

Soraya Sikander is a committed environmentalist and through her work creates awareness about the subject.