Soraya Sikander on ‘THE MORNING SHOW’ Interview on City42 TV channel

In this exclusive tv interview on the morning show, popular painter Soraya Sikander, best known for her nature based paintings, talks about her upcoming shows and future plans

Soraya Sikander at Beijing Biennale 2017

SORAYA SIKANDER painting ‘Sunset’ at Beijing Biennale 2017 Pakistani Artist exhibits at leading international art fair ​Sunset | Oil on canvas | 36 by 48 inches | 2017 Booklet available at the National Art Museum of China​ ART FAIR: Pakistani Artist Soraya Sikander presents a new series of calligraphic landscape paintings based on her interpretation…

Soraya Sikander listed as ‘Top Pakistani Contemporary Artists Making It Big Internationally’

Pakistan generally makes it to the headlines mostly due to wrong reasons nowadays. But behind all the geo-political turmoil, it has a rich tradition of culture, arts and music that generally goes unnoticed. Its actors and musicians have been working in the entertainment industry of neighbouring India for a long time. But what is lesser known is the new breed of contemporary artists who are making waves in the international circuit. More encouragingly, women have been at the forefront of this movement, which is no mean achieving in a highly conservative and patriarchal society. So, here is an attempt to introduce a few shining starts of the Pakistani art scene

Soraya Sikander ‘INSCAPE’ Reviewed by Nigaah Arts & Culture from South Asia

INSCAPE by UZMA NAWAZ PAKISTANI ARTIST SORAYA SIKANDER EXHIBITS A NEW SERIES ‘INSCAPE – EXPLORING INNER LANDSCAPES’ AT LEADING INTERNATIONAL ART GALLERY UNICORN GALLERY 2018 IN LAHORE. She presents a new series of calligraphic landscape paintings based on her interpretation of Pakistan. Her paintings ‘Sunset‘ and ‘Horizon dark‘ are a showcase of different times of…

‘INSCAPE 2018’ by Soraya Sikander



MANGROVES Mangroves is an exploration of the Karachi landscape – as seen through the mind’s eye. For me, I see cities, sea and places interchangeably. I paint tonal landscapes that capture the very ‘is-ness’ of being at a place. Representing the nature of the city of Karachi, its volatility and natural landscape. So essentially, this…

Soraya Sikander ‘INSCAPE’ Exhibition 28 FEBRUARY 2017

Calligraphic landscape painter Soraya Sikander to exhibit a new series entitled ‘INSCAPE’ Exhibition to open at Unicorn Gallery, Lahore Pioneering painter of calligraphic landscapes, artist Soraya Sikander returns to Pakistan with a new series ‘INSCAPE’ – Exploring landscapes as seen through the mind’s eye/inner worlds, Exhibition inauguration 28 FEBRUARY 2017 at Unicorn Gallery, Lahore  To view the…

EASTERN EYE ‘Soraya: Picture this’ Eguide 22/07/2016

Soraya Sikander By Asjad Nazir page1  page2  page3 It is no surprise that travel has shaped the work of leading contemporary fine artist Soraya Sikander. Born in Karachi, she grew up in different locations including Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore, and currently divides her time between Ras Al Khaimah and Pakistan. This exposure to different cultures has been…

Artist Soraya Sikander on painting ‘The National’

Artist Soraya Sikander on painting: ‘No city could be more rewarding than Ras Al Khaimah’ THE NATIONAL | Arts & Life MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2016  |  RAMADAN 1, 1437 Soraya Sikander, who was born in Karachi and moved to the UAE two years ago, has always been immersed in art and her mother founded the Unicorn art…

IOPWE Interviews artist Soraya Sikander

  SORAYA SIKANDER is one of Pakistan’s leading artists. Listed as ‘Artist to watch’ she paints landscapes and cities. The artist is making it big internationally with over sixteen non-stop sell-out exhibitions at some of today’s most prestigious venues! Soraya has been interviewed by The Khaleej Times, The Gulf News, Gulf Today, HELLO! and major…

Breaking Barriers: Women Achievers Talk Equality feat.artist Soraya Sikander

SPECIAL: EASTERN EYE interviews Women Achievers on Women’s Day to promote gender equality WHAT WOMEN WANT  International Women’s Day Seeks to promote gender equality by Asjad Nazir The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is pledge for parity. Although the annual event will be a celebration of women’s achievements across the world, there will also be a…

Art Fair: SORAYA SIKANDER at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival

Contemporary artist Soraya Sikander exhibits at the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF RAS AL KHAIMAH as part of the prestigious Art Fair RAS AL KHAIMAH FINE ARTS FAIR 2016

Soraya Sikander EASTERN EYE LONDON ‘Top 10 Art Moments’

EASTERN EYE (UK) January 08th, 2016 My Top 10 Artistic Moments (And inspirations) By Soraya Sikander “My work is about the natural world in a state of change. It explores my subconscious and immediate environment. I use art as a means to arrive at ecology, not merely the surface, but the constant changing and evolving…


OK!PAKISTAN SORAYA SIKANDER – The extremely talented Pakistani artist, is making waves around the world for her landscapes and organic forms. She has been ranked as one of Pakistan’s best known painters making it big internationally, listed as ‘Artist to watch’  FASCINATED by landscapes, Soraya Sikander’s paintings encompass her unique style and vibrant colours to capture…

Soraya’s Netherlands exhibition

NETHERLANDS: Artist Soraya Sikander exhibits at leading Dutch gallery, Galerie Patries Van Dorst Click to view the artist’s exhibition pre-opening interview [

Soraya talks art, culture and society

NEW: Artist Soraya Sikander in conversation, a PTV exclusive, on Weekend World Discussing her painting ‘Breaking Dawn’, art making process, and living in Pakistan  

Soraya Sikander exclusive studio interview with Samaa TV

NEW: Artist Soraya Sikander in an exclusive interview with Samaa TV Discussing her latest artworks, projects, process and upcoming exhibitions

Soraya Sikander at Galerie Patries Van Dorst | Netherlands

Soraya Sikander Exhibits at Galerie Patries Van Dorst, Netherlands Pakistani Artist shows at Netherlands leading art gallery for the exhibition ‘Embassy Art’     Booklet can be viewed online Art Exhibition: Artist Soraya Sikander presents a new series of calligraphic landscape paintings based on her interpretation of Pakistan. These artworks shall be presented for the…

Unicorn Gallery in Lahore!

UNICORN GALLERY OPENS IN LAHORE! Karachi’s leading Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Museum and Bookstore now opens in Lahore! Pakistan’s premier art gallery launches  in Lahore with a major exhibition REVERBERATIONS REVERBERATIONS Opens 01st NOVEMBER 2015 Featuring International Masters and leading Contemporary artists, showcasing art jewels from the Unicorn Vault, artists represented over the…

Exhibition ‘Embassy Art’ Netherlands

Soraya Sikander ‘Embassy Art’ Galerie Patries Van Dorst Exhibition ecatalogue download: Embassy_Art_Exhibition_2015_booklet_-_version_okt_8


Through my practice I explore fundamental questions: What is an object? What is a painting? How do we experience space? I consider my work to be an on-going visual monologue, with a starting point, in a constant state of progression and leading to several distinct forms.
The distinction between drawing, painting-into-sculpture and sculptural installations are questioned as objects transfigure one into another, installed in everyday settings to create an interaction with transformed objects

INTERVIEW: HELLO!Pakistan interviews artist Soraya Sikander on her new work

SORAYA SIKANDER calls herself a fine artist trained in Western classical figurative drawing, working on a new visual language. A critically acclaimed painter, she has exhibited widely and showcased her work at major museums and galleries in London, Dubai, Dhaka, Singapore, Karachi and Lahore – her artworks are with major collectors. Soraya has spent several years training in fine arts at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), the Slade School of Fine Art and now at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA), focusing on drawing and sculpture. She recently held a TEDx talk on ‘Conditioning in Art’ and has been offered honorary MFAs, artist residencies, fair exhibits and commissions. Hello! Pakistan catches up with this young painter in London to discuss her latest art project.

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